21 Day Detox Testimony

“Well I’ve been going to massage for a year now, last year they wanted me to do a 21 day Standard Process Cleanse…. No freaking way was I giving up beer and French fries! Well I was in a accident last November and my neck and back got so messed up.. I felt sore and wicked lazy, just wanted to have a coldie after work and chill till my pain let up, well I was doing this daily and feeling worse… So Michelle Herron and Jasmine Williams proved to me positive results after there cleanse, so I went for it.. Today is my 22 day and I feel absolutely amazing! I was so impressed with my ability to have total control!! I have the tools and motivation to stay on a healthy track and to get my core back so I can feel even better! Just saying, I’m not giving up my José, just all the other terrible crap I was consuming… YAY”

Tory B.

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